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Know your enemy and tactics

What active defence is and is not

Active defence (or active defense) is relatively a new approach within IT security field. There have been some efforts to define this term. However, the majority of these definitions are incomplete, unspecific, or missing essential attributes of this security approach. Some even mixed up active defence approach with offensive security techniques.

The purpose of this article is to describe key attributes of active defence and highlight what this approach is about and what it is not about.


Smart Honeypot a custom honeypot intelligence system

5 effective use-cases of a honeypot system for enterprises

Honeypot systems have been around for more than a decade. There have been a number of initiatives such as The Honeynet Project or Project Honeypot that have had a great impact on development and adaption of honeypot systems.

However, within enterprises, honeypot systems have not been widely adapted or used. This could be due to difficulty in setting up and managing a honeypot system as well as not knowing their invaluable benefits. The focus of this article is to highlight 5 effective use-cases of a honeypot system for any enterprise.